Kona Labs Research

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Leveraging compressed sensing paradigms and cutting edge science and engineering, Kona Labs continues to produce innovative, game changing technologies backed by solid IP.

Kona Labs innovates products that solve problems. Dr. DeVerse is the driving force behind Kona Labs research and has a multitude of patents and patents pending ranging from new mathematical sensor methods, optical computers, feature extraction search algorithms, spectrometric systems and imaging systems to water chemistry and water sensor systems for water management. More recently issued patents protect the LevelSmart and FlowVis product lines. The FlowVis is the revolutionary flow meters, third party verified by the National Sanitary Foundation. It is the first NSF-50 certified flow meter. No other flow meter can rival it’s performance to price ratio.

Kona Labs primary business model has been to develop new innovative and cost effective solutions to age old problems by leveraging new methods and approaches based on a certain class of mathematical models. These mathematical models can provide for improvements in the available engineering degrees of freedom one has to work with given a certain product development goal. By leveraging these mathematical tools and models one can tailor the outcome of the design effort to suit the market needs and business model. By using this approach Kona Labs can uniquely provide and structure barriers to entry into market opportunities for our channel partners. By proper use of IP practice and these trade secrets Kona Labs has been able to produce products in the USA that are high margin and provide a distinct value for the end users and the entire distribution chain.

Kona Labs keeps a lean and mean profile with the use of CAD systems integrated with 3D printers and rapid mold prototyping methods. Our basic radio platform developed by Dr. DeVerse allows for a flexible approach to wireless sensor deployment.

Kona Labs research led by Dr. Richard A. DeVerse has produced dozens of patented and patents pending products. These patents protect our unique industrial, scientific and consumer products and solutions. Kona Labs continuous investment in new rapid prototyping and manufacturing methods reduce cost and time to market.

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Kona Labs new patented wireless waterproof sensor platform delivers more than 20 years of remote operational life from a single AA battery. This system is part of a comprehensive water management solution for consumers. The Patent Pending MeterDog™ technologies, combined with the Patented FlowVis™ and Patented LevelSmart® technologies, provide a comprehensive water management system that can be deployed almost anywhere.

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