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LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool

Product image 1LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool
Product image 2LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool

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The LP-2750 Pro is the ultimate tool for leak detection on pools, spas, ponds, and water features. A must have for any Leak Detection service company to improve efficiency and to show scientific data to customers. Featuring rapid 15 minute test times and the ability to find out whether the leak is occurring, whether in the structure or the plumbing systems, this tool increases efficiency and profitability. The LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool allows you to find leaks quickly, provide daily leak rates, and to confirm repairs.

Trusted by American Leak Detection and other top leak specialists across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

  • Diagnose What Part of the System is Leaking - Fast! 
  • View Daily Leak Rates with One Test -  15 minutes! 
  • Confirm Repairs While On-Site
  • Confirm Structural and Plumbing Integrity of New Construction
  • Eliminate Roll Outs 
  • Find Leaks Efficiently 
  • Earn More Money 
  • Add Value to your Service Company
Why Choose the LP-2750

On the Job Efficiency:
The LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool drastically speeds up the leak detection on any pool, spa, pond, or water feature. The 15 minute test time on a pool, and 10 minutes on a spa, are crucial when out on the job chasing a leak. The rapid test periods allows you to not only diagnose a leak but determine the location and the size of the leak.

You can easily isolate which sub-system of the pool, spa, pond or water feature is leaking because of the rapid test time.  Easily identify whether the structure, the suction or the return system has a leak. This eliminates the extended labor and time required to pressure test each part of the system.

The LP-2750 eliminates multiple rollouts saving you time and money and allowing your business to focus on increasing the number of customers, while spending less time on follow-ups.

Confirm Structural Integrity on Repairs and New Construction:
The LP-2750 can confirm repairs in a very efficient manner and prove to homeowners that the system is leak-free after a repair job or new construction build. This quick affirmation can go a long way in customer satisfaction and confidence in a job well done.

Determine if There are Two Leaks:
Run two leak test, first with the pump on and second with the pump off. Once the first leak is discovered, plug up that system and run another leak test.
For example: If the data confirms there is a leak in the returns section of the system. Before repairing that specific leak You want to make sure this is the only leak before starting repair to avoid any issues. To make sure this leak is the only one in the body of water, you simply plug the returns and do another leak test. If the data confirms there is no leak, then the leak in the return line is the only repair needed. If the test shows water loss, there is another leak in the body of water. This is essential when working on large projects with downtime expectations and the need for quick repairs.

How it works

The patented LP-2750 uses American made stainless steel load cells that are sensitive, up to an inch, in a concealed pod safe from the surface noise of your pool.  When the float ball compresses the load cell, the LP-2750 takes very quick and precise measurements to determine water level changes and then converts this information into inches per day for easy viewing and understanding.  

If conditions are windy, the 15 minute test time may need to be extended, or possibly, need to be completed when the water is more calm.  This is due to the fact that the LP-2750 is extremely sensitive to water changes. 

LP-2750 Uses

The LP-2750 can be used in any water embodiment including and not limited to pools, spas, ponds, and water features.

Leak Detection Companies:
The LP-2750 is a crucial tool to have as a Leak Detector. The benefits are advantageous and the time it will save you on each job is amazing. The LP-2750 eliminates roll-outs, confirms repairs, and adds a reliable, precise technologically advanced tool to your toolbox.

Pool Inspection Companies:
Pool Inspection Companies can create a report with a rapid 15-minute test to determine the integrity of the pool or spa system.  Diagnosis whether the pool is leak-free or leaking, and if needed, quickly isolate which part of the system is in need repair. The LP-2750 can save your company money on leak detection costs and add more data points required for any inspection.

Pool Service and Repair Companies:
Pool Service and Repair Companies use the LP-2750 to perform a leak test on their service routines, as well as, gain an advantage in reporting leaks and doing leak repairs. Not only does the LP-2750 help you locate the leak but also will confirm your leak repair and ensure you are leaving the pool leak-free.

Pool Builders: 

Pool Builders can confirm their newly constructed pool is leak-free! The results of the LP-2750 Pro Leak Tool allows your company to deliver a guarantee that the pool is leak-free on the date of completion.  



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