What applications can I use LevelSmart on?
LevelSmart Can maintain water level on any body of water. Pools, Spas, ponds and water features of any size.

Can there be more than one in the same vicinity without interference?
Yes. You can have as many as you desire in the same backyard, or vicinity without having to worry about them interfering with one another.

What happens when my LevelSmart sensor battery dies after a few years?
You simply purchase a new sensor, discard the old one and pair up your new one with your existing valve controller.

Where Can I buy LevelSmart?
We do all our sales direct right here on KonaLabs.com. We do not use any distributors or retailers. If you would like to be a certified installer for your area and make please inquire at info@KonaLabs.com

Where can I access troubleshooting videos?
If you are having trouble with your LevelSmart, you can access our troubleshooting videos on youtube.

Is there price breaks for LevelSmart bulk purchases?
Yes. Please inquire at info@KonaLabs.com

Can I use any magnet to interact with LevelSmart?
Most magnets will work, as long as it is somewhat strong. A fridge magnet usually can get the job done, but not always.

Can I use a commercial kit on a residential application?
Yes, you can use our Standard LevelSmart kit on any application, and our Commercial on any application, residential or commercial.

What is the difference between the Commercial and Standard LevelSmart kits?
LevelSmart commercial kit comes with 3 extra features which are listed below.

  1. A stainless steel ball valve instead of a solenoid “irrigation” style valve.
  2. A 1 inch Kona Flow meter to see exactly how much you put in on each fill
  3. A standard 50ft of antenna length instead of the normal 25ft.

What applications can I use the Leak Geek on?
You can find leaks in pools, spas, ponds and water features or any other bodies of water.

How long is each test?
Depending on how big the body of water you are testing and the size of the leak will play part in how long you should run each test. Typically, a spa test runs 7-10 minutes for accurate leak data.

A average size pool test will run from 10-15 minutes, and a Olympic size pool body of water you
would want to test for a longer period of about 20-30 minutes to receive super accurate data.
Examples: If you have a large leak, and smaller body of water like a spa, it might only take 3
minutes to see you have a significant leak. If you have a Olympic size pool and a smaller leak,
you would want to test between 20-30 minutes to get accurate leak data.

How do I find out if my leak is in suction, structure, or returns?
To be able to identify which part of the system has the leak, you need to run two tests. One with the equipment on, and one with the pump off. Follow these three steps.

  1. Run a test with equipment on. Get result, save test, or write down leak rate and how long you tested for.
  2. Run a test with equipment off. Test for the same amount of time as the first and make note of the results for this test by saving or writing down.
  3. Compare results. If your results on both tests were the same, this indicates your leak is in the structure of your pool. If your leak rate was higher with equipment on, this indicates your leak is in the suction part of the system. If your leak was higher with the equipment off, your leak is going to be in your returns.

How do I check if I have two leaks?
Let’s say you followed directions above to identify a leak in your returns. To make sure this your only leak, plug off the returns and do another test. If this test shows you don’t have a leak, that means the one in your returns is responsible for the all of the amount of water you lose.

What is the proper care of the LP-2750?
Make sure to ALWAYS use the safety screw to keep the float from hitting the load cell while not in operating mode. This is very important to receive accurate results from the LP-2750 for a long product life.

Also, Always drain water from cylinder before storing and keep handheld in a dry cool spot when storing. Handheld is not waterproof!

How often should I calibrate my LP-2750?
Depending on how much you use your LP-2750 is going to determine how often you should calibrate it. If you use it everyday, you should calibrate it every 60 days for top performance every test. If you use it once a week, or twice a month it is always good to calibrate it at least once every 6 months.

If my test is showing me a negative number, what does that mean?
This is telling you that your body of water you are testing is actually gaining water. Sometimes, you may find this in the first few minutes of a test while the system you are testing goes through equilibrium.

How many tests can the LP-2750 Save?
LP –2750 Saves up to 10 tests. We like to take pictures and include them in our leak reports to customer. It does not print or download anywhere.

How sensitive is the LP -2750?
The LP-2750 is sensitive up to 1/10,000th of an inch. If you put your hand in the other side of the pool during a test, it will sense that water displacement. All in all, it is a very sensitive tool that will give you leak data, fast.

How do I know if I have a small leak, or if its evaporation?
If you do not know your evaporation rate in your specific area, you can find out real quick with a quick test on 5 gallon bucket that you know is not leaking. Use this result to compare it with your leak results and if they are anywhere close to your evaporation, then you do not have a leak.

What does the scale go up to in GPM?
Kona Flow meter can measure flows from the following.

  1. Low Flow Kona Flow is 0-17GPM
  2. High flow Kona Flow is 0-30GPM

What size fittings are required?
Kona Flow is a 1 inch flow meter, and with the use of a coupler, can be plumbed in with 1inch pipe. For 3⁄4 inch pipes it fits into the flowmeter as female non-threaded.

Can it be installed in any orientation?
Yes, Kona Flow is accurate in any orientation. Vertical, horizontal and upside down and right side up.

Is there better pricing if purchased in Bulk?
Yes. Inquire within by emailing us at info@KonaLabs.com

Can I use MeterDog without the monthly service fee?
MeterDog collects the data and sends it to the cloud where you are then able to access all your water use data. You must have the monitoring service to have these features.

Is there a wifi option?
We do not offer a Wi- fi version.

Can I remotely shut off a valve with MeterDog?
Yes. We are able to use remote shut off in case of a leak alert, you can instantly shut off the water to your home remotely through the MeterDog app.

How difficult is installation and set up?
Installation is very simple. First, you want to install the app and set up your profile, then add your device. Then you simply plug the MeterDog battery in, close it up, and secure sensor to meter or within 5 inches and you’ll instantly start collecting data.

Where do I put the Meterdog?
You place MeterDog in your water meter box and secure your sensor on or near your water meter.

Is the app available on android and IOS?
Yes, Both IOS and android phones are able to download and use the MeterDog app.

Can I have more than one person be alerted in the event of a leak?
Yes, you can have multiple people alerted and even your service provider to better help solve the issue, to save assets, money, and water.

How many MeterDogs can I have in the same vicinity?
You can have as many MeterDogs as you wish in the same vicinity without interference or issue.

Can I use MeterDog on any meter?
Yes. Any meter, any size and any type. Whether its 1/2 and inch or 10 inch meter, MeterDog has no size restrictions. MeterDog also works on AMI or AMR meters and regular water meters.

Will this protect my vacation home while i’m gone?
Yes. This is a perfect application for MeterDog. It will protect your home from water damage, and alert you instantly if you have a water leak so you can save your assets, money and water, even if your thousands of miles away.

How sensitive is MeterDog?
MeterDog is able to identify drip’s of water going through your meter, and very high rates as well.

Can it identify small leaks?
MeterDog can identify very small leaks from a drip or two, to very large leaks where water is moving so fast the meter fails. Either way, MeterDog will let you know.

I’m a water utility, can we deploy these in large quantities and compare results within the community?
MeterDog is perfect for water utilities and reaching across the meter to help their customers become more water efficient and conservation minded. We love to partner with utilities in efforts of creating challenges and efforts that benefit a entire community.

Can MeterDog sense a broken water meter?
Sure can. One of MeterDogs biggest benefit is to identify and alert when a water meter is starting to fail, or entirely does fail.

Can MeterDog identify backwards flow?
Yes, If there is any backwards flow, MeterDog can identify this and alert user through the MeterDog App.

Can MeterDog identify a faulty toilet float, vs a large irrigation leak?
MeterDog watches your water use 24/7 and can learn your water use patterns which results in more accurate leak identifying capabilities. Even if it just a toilet leak, MeterDog will identify this wasted water, and alert you. From drips, to a large leak in your pool or irrigation, MeterDog will give you an alert so you can take action, immediately.

Why choose KonaLabs Leak Detection?
We are experts. Plain and simple we have the technology, the motivation and resources to bring the best in the world to your utility and improve the efficiency which in turn earn your utility more money, while adding value to your customers, and saving water. We do not only bring in KonaLabs products, but any kind of technology that will bring value to your utility and users to become more efficient.


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