Leak Detection

Kona Labs

Kona Labs Leak Detection Services

Kona Labs has been in the business of leak detection for more than 10 years. Kona labs mission is to deliver results in a timely and professional manner for our clients.

We can find any leak of any fluid or gas in any containment system, guaranteed.

That is a strong statement to post publically, and one that each of our leak detection specialists can confidently stand behind. Our methods and technologies were designed in our own test lab, and are the best in the business. Simply put, we provide rapid diagnostics and data driven solutions.

Our remote wireless monitoring solutions mean we can track your leak from start to finish to ensure that after the repair you remain leak-free and that your service providers did their job right.

Take a look at the Kona Labs Mission page to see what we stand for. For pricing information, download our price commitment here, or visit our contact page and provide as many details about your leak as possible for our best estimate.