Kona Labs Mission

Kona Labs has a mission to bring water sustainability to the world, through awareness and technology.

We achieve this by inventing technology driven solutions that help people to live a more environmentally sensitive and sustainable life. The high-performance water monitoring devices that we manufacture connect to the Internet for simple install that everyone can use. The accuracy and connectivity of the devices conserve water, save you money, save time, and enable sustainability.

Kona Labs is a privately held technology research and development center that distributes technology to qualified entrepreneurs and businesses that are committed to anti-fragile business practices and simply doing the right thing. Kona Labs was founded by Dr. Richard A. DeVerse, Ph.D. with a mission to innovate, design, engineer, licenses and manufacture sustainable, technology driven solutions that can help consumers live a better life while saving their money and saving our precious resources.

Following this mission, Kona Labs has developed a comprehensive water management system that is a significant part of solving water loss event problems. This system includes the first professional leak sensor of its kind, the LP-2750, the most accurate flow meter of its kind and the only legally allowed flow meter on California commercial and public pools, FlowVis. MeterDog® is an advanced water loss surveillance system that will alert you via an Internet connection at the first sign of a leak anywhere in your home or business. This technology does not require a plumber or a technician to visit your home.

Kona Labs believes that sustainability is possible, and that it could be easier than we think. Mandatory water restrictions that are frequently placed in areas such as California and Hawaii are not required if we all simply become aware of our water use. MeterDog® systems are able to alert high-flow and when the flow never stops. Proprietary diagnostics allow for remote leak detection and efficient water management best practices. Now anyone can avoid massive leaks that can cost thousands of dollars per month in wasted water cost due to leaks and water related damages.

The added benefit is that reducing the amount of water loss due to leaks, we can reduce the amount of resources used. Hot water and heated water leaks waste tremendous amounts of energy. Pool leaks waste heated water and chemically treated water and reduce the lifespan of pools. Leaks waste electricity too. Moving all of that extra water to the leak to be wasted used electricity in large amounts. The ability to be notified of leaks and water loss events due to equipment malfunction is important and MeterDog® can deliver results. The MeterDog® array of sensor solutions can be applied to every step in the water flow process for both commercial and residential users.