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Can there be more than one in the same vicinity without interference

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Yes. You can have as many as you desire in the same backyard or vicinity without having to worry about them interfering with one another. 

How do I know how much antenna I need

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When selecting antenna length, select the amount of antenna you may need to get the antenna tip in a spot that will successfully communicate with the sensor. We suggest selecting enough feet so the antenna tip can be able to look at the pool from your equipment or manual fill line. This will ensure you will have a smooth pairing process and communicate successfully. 

What is the difference between the Commercial and the Standard LevelSmart

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LevelSmart commercial kit comes with 2 extra features which are listed below. 

1. Stainless steel ball valve instead of a solenoid “irrigation” style valve. 

2. 1 inch Kona Flow meter to see exactly how much you put in on each fill 

Can I use a commercial kit on a residential application?

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Yes, you can use our Standard LevelSmart kit on any application, and our Commercial on any application, residential or commercial. 

How do I become a Dealer

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Fill out our dealer registration form here and submit. You will then be confirmed and receive dealer pricing and extras.  

What is the warranty on the LevelSmart

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There is a one-year guaranteed warranty on our LevelSmart Wireless autofill.  

What applications can I use the LevelSmart for?

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LevelSmart Can maintain water level on any body of water. Pools, Spas, ponds and water features of any size. 

Is there price breaks for LevelSmart bulk purchases

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Yes. Please contact us for inquiries 


Where can the FlowVis® be used?

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FlowVis can be applied to all systems with flowing liquid, including chemical feeders, water treatment facilities and pool systems.

What pipe diameters will FlowVis® work on?

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The FlowVis® model range includes includes units for 1.5" (FV-C-15), a combined 2" and 2.5" (FV-C), 3" (FV-3), and 4" (FV-4).

Is FlowVis® NSF certified?

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FlowVis® models FV-C, FV-C-S, FV-C-Saline, FV-C-L, FV-3, FV-4, FV-3-L, and FV-4-L are all NSF 50 certified.

What is the flow range for each model?

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1.5" (FV-C-15): 10-90 GPM/38-341 LPM; 2"/2.5" (FV-C): 10-110 GPM/38-416 LPM; 3" (FV-3): 90-220 GPM/341-833 LPM; 4" (FV-4): 160-300 GPM/606-1136 LPM


Where can the KonaFlow be applied

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The KonaFlow can be applied to all application including water heaters, chemical feeders, agriculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, pools, spas, and more

Is the KonaFlow similar to the FlowVis

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Yes, KonaFlow uses the same technology and principles as the FlowwVIs. 

Can I buy the KonaFlow in bulk

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Yes, we offer discounted prices for dealers and wholesalers. Contact us to learn more


How does the LP-2750 determine where the leak is?

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Using a series of three test with the valve in different positions allows the LP-2750 Pro Leak Tool tool to determine where the water loss is coming from. 

How sensitive is the LP-2750?

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The LP-2750 uses extrenely sensitive sensors in order to precieley measure the level changes.l 


Where do the products ship from?

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We ship from San Diego, CA

When will my purchase ship?

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We ship the same day the order was placed, if order is received by 4pm

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