KonaFlow™ Liquid Flow Meter

  • Precise
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • No Batteries required
  • Durable and long lasting
  • High visibility flow readout
  • Accurate in any configuration

The KonaFlow™ Flow meters are made by the inventor of the FlowVis™ flow meter product line manufactured by H2FlowControls and available directly here at Kona Labs Manufacturing and Sales. The KonaFlow™ like the FlowVis™ can be plumbed directly into tight spaces without the requirement of long straight pipe runs.

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KonaFlow meter: world’s most precise and accurate flow meter

KonaFlow is a precise, affordable, and accurate flow meter that is specifically designed for irrigation systems, pool and spa equipment, water heaters, and chemical feeding systems. It works in any orientation on pipes up to 1.25”. Installation does not require a long length of straight pipe and the clear lid provides visual confirmation of flow rate which is critical in monitoring systems for leaks.

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Mechanical Water Flow Meters

Correctly calibrating the pump in your spa, pond, swimming pool, or water feature is critical to having a positive user experience and avoiding unnecessary expenses. If a pump is too fast, you’ll be racking up a high electricity bill because the water is circulating more than necessary. If the pump is too slow, it won’t be able to keep the pool or spa clean, resulting in stagnant, unhealthy water.

As a straightforward solution that will help you find the best speed for your pump by measuring the actual flow of water through the circulation system of your pool, spa, or irrigation system. It measures gallons per minute, and its calibration is in accordance with the size of your piping. Most pool flow meters are equipped with a visual chamber with markings, but there are also models that include a pool flow meter digital LCD display. All these features make setting up and maintaining an efficient pool and spa automation a breeze.

KonaFlow flow meter and agriculture and irrigation systems

KonaFlow can be used to maintain the health of an irrigation system. By placing a KonaFLow at each valve body, you can visually see flow rates, identifying leak between sections of the property and system by knowing the flow rate at each valve station.

This is crucial in the effort of leak detection and system performance. Agriculture specialists also love KonaFlow for there smaller applications because of our accuracy at such low flow rates. Wineries use KonaFlow to determine how much wine they are processing as well as out in the vineyard to accurately irrigate the grapes they treasure so preciously.

How pool flow meters work

Flow meters are built to measure the amount of liquid that goes through them. Kona Labs proprietary design measures the water passing through them at an industry best accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of other flow meters.  A pool water flow meter must be located on a lengthier part of the straight pipe so as to properly measure the water flow rate. In other words, other flow meters can’t be positioned near any 90 degree turns in the pipe but Kona FLow will maintain accuracy in these positions!

It is essential that you keep enough upstream and downstream length before and after the flow meter. For maximum efficiency, the meter should be placed 10 straight pipe diameters upstream and five straight pipe diameters downstream of any change in pipe diameter. Luckily, With Kona Labs flow meters you do not need this requirement!

Why you need a dependable pool water flow meter

KonaFlow meter is a quality easy to install pool flow meter that outputs a correct water circulation measurement and greatly simplifies the process of understanding how much water your pool or spa is consuming. It also allows you to set your pump so its most efficient. This not only enables you to keep your pool water fresh while also avoiding high energy bills, it also increases the lifecycle of your pump, making the KonaFlow meter a must-have addition to any pool pump, or autofill line. Its American construction, superb performance, and a two-year warranty at an affordable price make it the king among pool flow meters today just like its siblings in the FlowVis family.

Premier water flow meters for sale and much more

Here at Kona Labs, we offer top-of-the-line USA-made family of pool, pond, hot tub, and water feature products that will help you achieve effective and hassle-free pool spa automation. Soon we will be launching our wireless water meter monitoring through our  online app. It’s our aim to give you sustainable, technology-driven solutions that will help you save your money and live a better life. Our flagship products include:

All our products come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. In addition to selling high-end pool equipment, we also provide line location services and leak detection using noninvasive techniques and a scientific process in order to quickly find leaks.