KonaStop™ Valve Safety and Lock (4-Pack)


Turn on and go, or lock it in with Kona Stop! A unique product that will allow pool service professionals to turn their jandy valves off and back on without having to reset it every time. Not only does it keep your set open position, it also locks in the handle to prevent tampering. The price includes 4 Kona Stops for a complete lockdown of two valves or a one-way directional stop on 4 valves.

  • Locks in your jandy valve
  • Always keeps your set position
  • Never readjust or tune valve settings again

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4-Pack KonaStop pool valve lock & safety

This unique device allows users to lock in their Jandy valves to prevent any tampering with their pool equipment. Not only does it lock the valve in, it can also be used to gauge your valve position, and prevent the need for future retunings. Just turn back on and go.

KonaStop comes with:

  • 4 KonaStop
  • 8 longer screws

Setting a Jandy Valve

The most common type of valve found on pool, spa, water feature, and irrigation system plumbing is the 3- or 2-way Jandy Valve . What makes this design so popular is its ability to control the flow of two pipes with a single valve. What’s more, it can handle pressures of up to 50 psi, as well as flow rates of more than 150 gpm. Add to this the removable lid that makes these valves easy to service and clean in case of a clog or failure of internal parts, and it becomes obvious how Jandy valves make plumbing cleaner and simpler.

Setting a Jandy Valve

In the case of doing pool maintenance,  you will have to re set the valve so its at its perfect setting.  This can be a process of trial and error and with KonaStop it is totally preventable! Just set the KonaStop in its position once, then you have your preset gauge for easy on and off, making sure you are set to the perfect adjustment every time without the hassle of resetting it.

Prevent tampering or curious clients

This ease of use also makes a Jandy valve  vulnerable to intentional or accidental tampering. All it takes is for the valve lever to be turned around a bit, and the water flow in your hot tub or swimming pool could become completely unbalanced. This could reduce the longevity of your pump, increase your energy bills, or even cause the water to become stagnant and unhealthy to you and your loved ones.

Whether this tampering occurs as a result of an accident, negligence, your children playing with or near the pool equipment, local teenagers trying to prank you, or someone attempting to damage your pool and peace of mind, it’s not something you can reliably prevent with a “No Tampering” sign. Luckily, Kona Labs offers a straightforward, affordable solution to this problem.

Kona Labs provides the best  pool valve safety locks & more!  

Ever since 2008, we have worked hard to bring you a family of sustainable, technology-oriented pool, spa, water feature, pond, and irrigation system solutions that improve your life and preserve your valuable resources. We thoroughly inspect all our products for quality control before we ship them. Furthermore, everything we sell through our website comes with a 30-day return policy and at least a one year warranty.

Aside from the KonaStop lock, we offer a number of cutting-edge solutions to all your swimming pool & spa needs. Our MeterDog 24/7 home leak monitoring provides top-of-the-line leak detection that alerts you as soon as a leak appears residential or commercial water system.  Our FlowVis pool flow meter is an affordable, highly-accurate water flow meter that simplifies the process of correctly calibrating your pool pump. What’s more, FlowVis is designed for easy installation by being fitted onto an existing Jandy check valve, turning it into a flowmeter check valve!

LevelSmart: the ultimate wireless pool fill valve solution

Kona Labs’ LevelSmart automatic fill for pools and spas is the world’s only reliable wireless pool and spa autofill. It wakes up once every half hour to check your water levels. It then makes the necessary adjustments to maintain your

desired water level. This has the double benefit of pool leak detection and automatic water level maintenance.  LevelSmart also enables you to check your water temperature and level online, and make manual adjustments. Finally, if your water levels drop too low, it will use its online functionality to send you leak alerts so that you can react in time.