MeterDog™ Leak Alert


Protect your assets, save water and be protected with MeterDog today.

  • Instant leak alerts
  • No plumbing required
  • Compatible with MeterDog iPhone app
  • Asset and home protection 24/7
  • Installs in minutes
  • Save water and money
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Uncovering hidden leaks: innovative 24/7 pool leak detector

The MeterDog leak detection and surveillance device allows users to enjoy the comfort of never having the hassles of a high water bill or water leak again! Simply attach a small sensor to your water meter, and collect your meter activity 24 hours a day, no matter where you are in the world.
With this data accessible via the MeterDog app, you can see when, and how long your water meter is moving, reflecting water use. With instant leak alerts and the ability to interact with your water, you can save water, save money, and protect your assets at all times.

Instant and accurate leak detection

MeterDog uses a battery-powered cell modem, directly out of the meter box to connect with the cloud every 3 minutes, giving you a real-time view of your water use. There’s no extra plumbing involved, as our patented technology simply zip-ties onto the water meter. Just plug it in, attach the sensor, and start collecting data.

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MeterDog Leak Alert: the Best Water Leak Detection Equipment on the Market

The water level in every pool, pond, hot tub, or water feature naturally falls over time. This may be due to wind, water splashing out, evaporation, and other natural processes. However, it can also be caused by a leak, which is something that, sooner or later, every pool or hot tub owner has to deal with.

Without the advanced leak detection equipment, even a small leak can cause considerable water loss and drastically hike up your monthly water bill. The surest way to prepare yourself for this problem is to invest in reliable water leak detection equipment that provides 24/7 home leak monitoring.

What electronic leak detection equipment does for you

There are four different types of leaks that appear in pools, hot tubs, ponds, and water features, and MeterDog pool leak alert device is purpose-built to protect you against them. The first type of leak is caused by cracks in the structure of the spa or the pool. The second type appears as a result of fittings that have pulled away from the pool’s structure, and is much harder to detect without specialized leak detection tools.

The third type is the result of inevitable wear and tear that occurs over the years. The fourth and the most dangerous type of leak is the one that results from broken underground pipes. Due to its below-ground nature, this last type requires advanced water leak locator equipment and and the attention of specially-trained water leak professionals.

Expansive soil is one of the common causes of leaks in pools, spas, ponds, or water features. The seasonal changes in temperatures and moisture cause the soil to move, which in turn plays havoc with a swimming pool or hot tub’s rigid plumbing and structure. An automatic 24/7 pool leak detector provides automatic pool level monitoring that immediately warns you if a leak appears and is affecting your water level. Here at Kona Labs, we have LevelSmart and MeterDog remote water leak detectors for sale that do all that and more.

Signs that you need spa or pool leak detection equipment

There are many subtle signs that your pool may be leaking. Are there loose tiles or coping stones? What about cracks in the pool deck or the surrounding area? Is the pool deck lifting or sinking? What’s the bond beam like? Are there cracks in it? Are there trees near your pool? Tree roots can break the underground plumbing, lift the pool deck, and crack the pool walls by pushing against them. Is the soil around the pumps, spa, pool, or pool plumbing equipment soggy? Is your LevelSmart wireless pool auto fill adjusting the water level more often than usual?

Ask yourself: do you really have the time and the energy to manually check all these? Without a dependable water leak detection system, your spa, pool, pond, or water feature will inevitably suffer a leak that will rack up the water bill and possibly expose you to health-endangering microbes.

Best pool leak detection equipment safeguards yours and your loved ones’ wellbeing

A pool leak can be extremely unhealthy. It prevents even water levels, causing water imbalances and leading to algae build-up and persistent water-quality problems. By not investing in the best leak detection equipment money can buy, you’re potentially exposing yourself and your loved ones to a vast array of waterborne germs and parasites that tend to appear in leaking pools.

Premier water analytic services and leak detection equipment for sale

Aside from having the finest swimming pool leak detection equipment for sale today, Kona Labs boasts a catalog of top-of-the-line American-made products and services. KonaFlow meter provides an accurate water flow metering for your pond, spa, pool, or water feature at all times, while FlowVis is an easy to install pool flow meter that enables you to keep an eye on your spa’s variable speed pump. All our products come with a 1-year warranty.

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