MeterDog™ Leak Alert


Protect your assets, save water and be protected with MeterDog today.

  • Instant leak alerts
  • No plumbing required
  • Compatible with MeterDog iPhone app
  • Asset and home protection 24/7
  • Installs in minutes
  • Save water and money

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Uncovering hidden leaks: Innovative 24/7 pool leak detector

The MeterDog leak detection and surveillance device allows users to enjoy the comfort of never having the hassles of a high water bill or water leak again! Simply attach a small sensor to your water meter, and collect your meter activity 24 hours a day, no matter where you are in the world.

With this data accessible via the MeterDog app, you can see when, and how long your water meter is moving, reflecting water use. With instant leak alerts and the ability to interact with your water, you can save water, save money, and protect your assets at all times.  You can now have a relationship with your water use!

Instant and accurate leak detection

MeterDog uses a battery-powered cell modem, directly out of the meter box to connect with the cloud every 3 minutes, giving you a real-time view of your water use. There’s no extra plumbing involved, as our patented technology simply zip-ties onto the water meter. Just plug it in, attach the sensor, and start collecting data.

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MeterDog Leak Alert: the Best Water Leak Detection Equipment on the Market today

Leaks happen randomly, and can go unnoticed for months, even years before they start to reveal themsleves through the form of high water bills, water damage, or surfacing. They can cause millions in damages and it is now totally preventable with MeterDog Leak detection and monitoring.

Without the advanced leak detection equipment, even the smallest of leaks can cause considerable water loss and drastically hike up your monthly water bill. The surest way to prepare yourself for this problem is to invest in reliable water leak detection equipment that provides 24/7 home leak monitoring.  

What electronic leak detection equipment does for you

Electronic leak detection equipment has never seen the ease of install, affordability, and accuracy with all the added features that MeterDog can offer. It is revolutionizing the industry. Whether you need a pool leak alert device like the LevelSmart or a complete home water leak monitoring system like the MeterDog, our specialized leak detection tools will bring assurance, quality of life and protection against water damage, high water bills and wasted water to  your everyday life. Water leak locator equipment is now one step closer to bringing the world issue of water efficiency and awareness to homes worldwide.

Kona Labs water leak detectors for sale include the MeterDog, LevelSmart, LevelSmart Online, and the LP-2750.  The LevelSmart Online is a 24/7 pool leak detector. A revolutionizing product for the pool industry. It not only keeps your summers cool, but your pool or spa healthy and optimized with keeping your automatic pool level with no maintenance!  If you submeter your pool, you can attach a MeterDog for maximum monitoring. Here at Kona Labs, we have LevelSmart and MeterDog remote water leak detectors for sale that do all that and more.

Benefits of MeterDog:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring – you can monitor multiple properties, or just one and always know what the water activity is like on that property all while monitoring for leaks.
  • Save money & Water! – With MeterDog leak alerts you will instantly be notified as soon as a leak happens and you can take action and save your assets fromw water damage, saving you headaches, time, and money.
  • Water awareness and efficiency – MeterDog will allow you to have a relationship with your water. You will be able to see where you use water most and take steps to become a more efficient user.
  • Protect your business and assets – Closing your doors of your business for a day can be costly, especially when its on top of the water damage expense and high water bills. MeterDog will protect your business 24/7.

Ask yourself: do you really have the time and the energy to manually check for leaks day in and day out. Do you want to risk wasting massive amounts of water and having to pay for it when you find out through your water bill months later? Without a dependable water leak detection system, your spa, pool, pond, or water feature will inevitably suffer a leak that will rack up the water bill and possibly expose you to health-endangering microbes.  When MeterDog is paired with Pool leak detection equipment, you can really be fully protected from water leaks and all of the costly headaches they bring.

Why Choose MeterDog?

MeterDog is simply the best leak detection equipment available today. Its the forefront of a process that causes stress and makes your way to being leak free a lot more confiding. Built with American Made quality, you never have to worry about getting surprised with a high water bill, water damage, and you’ll be able to tell exactly when your leak was fixed and if it was successful or not. If  you choose meterDog and go with the best pool leak detection equipment on the market in our LevelSmart you will always have the health of your water system and efficiency at your fingertips with our mobile apps. A combination of these two products will solve all your water leak issues!

Premier water analytic services and leak detection equipment for sale

Aside from MeterDog and all it has to offer, Kona Labs also has the finest swimming pool leak detection equipment for sale today. Kona Labs boasts a catalog of top-of-the-line American-made products and services. KonaFlow meter provides an accurate water flow metering for your pond, spa, pool, or water feature at all times, while FlowVis is an easy to install pool flow meter that enables you to keep an eye on your spa’s variable speed pump. All our products come with a 1-year warranty.