MeterDog® Duo Wireless Water Surveillance



MeterDog™ alerts you to leaks and sends you notifications of water use changes in the form of a calibrated WaterNumber® calculation. WaterNumber® quantifies the water usage of any property, which is shared with the property owner through email,, and the MeterDog™ app. MeterDog™ alerts you to water loss events so you can conserve water, save money, and protect your property. MeterDog™ is made of the highest quality industrial rated components to provide secure, reliable water monitoring. Click to Download How to Install Your MeterDog

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The Patented MeterDog™ system comes complete to monitor one water meter. No cutting pipe! Anyone can install MeterDog® You can set up several leak alerts and notices that go right to your smart phone.

WaterNumber® notifications means that you are always aware of what your water is doing. The MeterDog® comes with a battery powered, wireless water Meter sensor and mounting kit. It includes an Cell modem (WiFi, Ethernet, USB/Serial data are also available by request). Custom sensors and data analytics are available to meet your needs. Call Dr. Richard A. DeVerse and discover how MeterDog® can secure your water supply, detect leaks, avoid water damage, avoid water losses and help you keep track of your water bill.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in
With Valve Control

MeterDog with WaterNumber® notifications means that your in control of your water. is providing secure Cell Modem service. Contact Dr. Richard DeVerse for more information (808)345-2046