MeterDog® Wireless Water Surveillance



MeterDog® alerts you to leaks and sends you notifications of water use changes. MeterDog alerts you to water loss events so you can conserve water, save money and protect your property. MeterDog® is made of the highest quality industrial rated components to provide secure, reliable water monitoring. Click to Download How to Install Your MeterDog

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The Patented MeterDog® system comes complete to monitor one water meter. No cutting pipe! Anyone can install MeterDog® You can set up several leak alerts and notices that go right to your smart phone.

WaterNumber® notifications means that you are always aware of what your water is doing. The MeterDog® comes with a battery powered, wireless water Meter sensor and mounting kit. It includes an Cell modem (WiFi, Ethernet, USB/Serial data are also available by request). Custom sensors and data analytics are available to meet your needs. Call Dr. Richard A. DeVerse and discover how MeterDog® can secure your water supply, detect leaks, avoid water damage, avoid water losses and help you keep track of your water bill.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in
With Valve Control

MeterDog with WaterNumber® notifications means that your in control of your water. is providing secure Cell Modem service. Contact Dr. Richard DeVerse for more information (808)345-2046