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LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill: Commercial

Product image 1LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill: Commercial
Product image 2LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill: Commercial

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Antenna Length

The LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill is the only dependable automated filling solution for keeping your commercial pool, spa, tank or water feature at your desired water level at all times. LevelSmart is a simple, retrofit install for any application and our American made quality ensures that it is the most reliable autofill on the market. Eliminate the chore of manually filling your pool and let the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill maintain your desired water level.

  • No Deck Destruction
  • Simple Retrofit
  • 1000 feet Wireless Range
  • Rapid and Easy Installation
  • Never Over-fills (Fail-safe Valve Timer)
  • Made in the USA

Retrofit Capability:
LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill features an extraordinarily simple installation process that features no deck destruction or need for new plumbing. We utilize wireless technology and the preexisting plumbing to retrofit on any existing construction. LevelSmart™can also be used for any new construction project. The retrofit capability eliminates deck destruction, reconstruction and hours of labor. The LevelSmart™ is the perfect solution for all autofill needs. 

Proprietary Technology:
The LevelSmart™ uses innovative and patented proprietary sensing methods along with state of the art communication technology which provides the LevelSmart™ a competitive advantage and unmatched dependability. Our engineers have created the perfect solution for all automated filling applications.

Durable Design:
LevelSmart™ is the only dependable, yet durable, autofill available. The float valve autofill is commonly used, however, due to mechanical failure they must be replaced often. The float valve autofill was originally designed for toilets where they are only in motion 5-10 times a day. However, when float valves are used for other applications, they are in repeated motion, which leads to failure in the seal.  The failure in the seal results in a water leak, ongoing wasted water, and a high risk of overflow.  

What’s Included in the Commercial LevelSmart 50’ Kit: 
  • LevelSmart™ Water Level Sensor 
  • LevelSmart™ Remote Valve Controller  
  • 1” Stainless Steel Ball Valve  
  • 50’ Antenna Extension 
  • Antenna Tip 
  • 110V (or 240V) Power Supply
  • Unit of Marine Epoxy 
  • Wire nuts  (2)
  • 1” Screws (2)
  • 1" KonaFlow Flow Meter


Choosing Antenna Length!

We suggest selecting enough feet so the antenna tip will be seen from the sensor location and the equipment pad, or designated fill line location. This will ensure you will have a smooth pairing process and communicate successfully.


How it works

The LevelSmart™ Sensor wakes up every 30 minutes to check the current water level of your pool, spa, water feature or tank and then wirelessly communicates the information to the Valve Controller. If the current water level is measured below the set level, the Valve Controller will then open the Valve for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will turn off the Valve after 7 minutes as a failsafe. Again, in 30 minutes the Sensor will check the water level and, if needed fill for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will only open the Valve if the current water level is below the level set by the user during installation.

The valve is plumbed into the manual fill line, or it is "T'd", into the return lines from a water source. The Valve Controller can then open and close the Valve to fill your pool. 




Leak detection and alert system for home-owners, property managers, businesses, and more.

FlowVis DIgital Display

View your FlowVis data like never before all whole maintaining the precise measurement.

LevelSmart Online

Manage your LevelSmart device from your phone. Receive temperature, water level, number of fills and more.

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