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Kona Labs uses noninvasive techniques and a proprietary scientific process to put an X on the spot of any leak, fast. We know leaks. Dr. DeVerse’s inventions have changed the leak business. We use our own patented tools and proprietary methods for leak detection on any system. Our monitoring systems mean that surprise leaks are over. Our clients count on us to find leaks fast and with precision. They rely on our technology to never pay a high water bill again.

We do not compromise on our investment in the tools, equipment, and training so that we can find any leak in the most rapid and efficient way possible every time.


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Our Services:

  • Residential
  • Water Supplies
  • Water Features
  • Commercial
  • Pools and Spas
  • Gas and Propane
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Meet the Technicians

Andrew DeVerse: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics NAU

Before moving on to higher education, Andrew gained years of experience finding leaks in Hawaii and on the Mainland USA. He gained considerable knowledge working for a top pool builder. He brings the best of technical knowhow and scientific methods to putting an X over your leak fast.

Dr. Richard A. DeVerse, Ph.D. is the owner of Kona Labs. Dr. DeVerse graduated with a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry after years of training and experience in the fabrication arts. He is an expert machinist, welder automotive mechanic and electrical technician. He skills span non-destructive inspection specialist and he has certifications in optical engineering and is skilled in both CAD and CED. This deep knowledge of materials and electromechanics combined gives him a deep understanding of applied sensing methods, scientific analysis, materials and matter. His extensive background enables him to locate leaks efficiently all while using noninvasive technology and techniques. He has been studying leak propagation in various substrates and materials and how to find and repair those leaks for decades. His research covers Brazil to Japan and China. He has been finding leaks across the state of Hawai’i for over 10 years.

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Bingo leak Blue Dye @ Marriot Ocean Club Broken FLoat Autofill Broken toilet autofill jpeg DSC_0049 DSC03998 DSC04009 DSC04015 Flagged by spa Helium detecting IMG_20170819_105606679 IMG_20180110_155840150 Kl Flag Kona Airpot X marks gthe spot LD Flag Leak found  copy Leak found Leak job drained pool Line locating mark Luke and Dad LD Luke and Dad on Job Luke leak detecting Nroken Toilet filljpeg pipe leak in pool room Pool Leak Detection Pool Room Pool room confusion 2 Pool room confusion 3 RAD helium sensing RAD Listening to leaks X marks the spot
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