About Us

Kona Labs was founded by Dr. Richard A. DeVerse Ph.D. in Kailua-Kona, HI to bring innovative technology to the masses in efforts to preserve water through efficiency and awareness.

Kona Labs is recognized as one of the top Family Owned American Leak Detection Companies in the world, providing world-class leak detection & consulting services. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Richard DeVerse, Kona Labs quickly grew from just a service company to an award-winning manufacturer. Our designs, ideas, and products come directly from the field, where we are able to directly test it, identify main challenges, and solve these everyday problems for our community and beyond into all 50 states, Australia, Canada the UK and South America.

We provide innovative water measurement and leak detection using proprietary tools for service providers and end-users across the world using proven methods. We also manufacture and sell innovative water technology solutions for a variety of applications.

For us our service goes beyond integrated water measurement. It also includes leak prevention but most of all, protection of wellbeing of your Family and environmental stewardship. We have our own environmental philosophy, and its service strategies are based on green-friendly principles. We are proud to be able to create strong partnerships between businesses and homeowners.

We improve the quality of life for our customers and teams, but more importantly for your family and community. We are focused on making a big impact on the global water issue. We care about your health, happiness, and quality of life and hope to enable you as a user of this precious resource to help us on our mission by using our products and becoming water conscious.