The LevelSmart® Wireless Autofill is a swimming pool autofill designed to work on any body of water in any environment. The system deploys in minutes, requires no deck destruction and is virtually un-noticeable. With built in long-range communication, there is no job too large for LevelSmart®.

Zero mechanical parts make the LevelSmart® the longest lasting swimming pool autofill on the market. As a smart system, it harnesses analytical data to improve pool efficiency and eliminate wasted water – saving you money.

With cloud-based data, you can access valuable pool metrics from anywhere, in real-time. This model is also ideal for retrofits on any pool, and for applications with spas, ponds or water features.

MeterDog® is a smart system that watches your home or business’ water flow activity. This allows you to monitor any water-related asset, anywhere in real-time through cloud-hosted software. MeterDog® captures hundreds of metrics and delivers customized alerts at the first sign of a leak.

Find out about leaks the moment they happen.

This smart system conserves more water and saves more money than any alternative. It is built to last in diverse environments with focus on environmental sustainability. MeterDog® is easy to deploy on both residential and commercial applications and does not require any pipe cutting or plumbers for installation.